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We provide a variety of custom designed test stands including general purpose, pump, cylinder, impulse, burst, PVS, valve, and production.

General purpose : Test stands are designed to test any hydraulic component or system. They are designed to be flexible to test valves, pumps, motors, and other components. We can design a system to meet your every need.

Pump : Test stands are designed to production test pumps for volumetric efficiency. Test stands can be built for any type of pump and can be completely manual or have fully automatic testing. Depending on the purpose and task time requirements they can have one operating station or two.

Cylinder :  Test stands – We are capable of producing a variety of custom cylinder test stands that run the range from completely manual systems to automated testing.

Impulse :  Testing cycles the pressure in a unit under test (UUT) at a high rate from low to high pressure. The faster the cycle rate the quicker your products go to market. We have built impulse testers that go up to 11,000 PSI. Impulse testing is setup and controlled from a custom lab-view operator interface to control the pressure level, rate, and number of cycles. Waveforms can be seen in real time and over the network.  Unit under test failures are bound to happen and can be detected and the resulting vapors dealt with by the option vapor removal system.

Burst Pressure : Test Stands are designed to hydrostatically test for failure at a given pressure. The custom lab-view program automatically detects a failed part and aborts the test. Units to 80,000 PSI and higher can be provided with option vapor removal systems.

PVC pipe : Test stand uses high pressure water to test PCV pipe at pressures up to 4000 PSI. We can provide test fixtures as well.

Valve : Test stands are designed to supply variable flow and pressure to test mobile or industrial valves for functionality.

Production : Test stands – No matter what your production part is, we can design a system to help test it. From custom lab-view