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XMD: Sun's new compact, Bluetooth configurable electro-hydraulic driver

Sun's new XMD Bluetooth-configurable, electro-hydraulic driver is both CE and E-Mark rated, meeting the needs of international mobile and industrial equipment. The XMD serves actuators used in on- and off-highway equipment in numerous applications including agriculture, forestry, construction, marine, earth moving and material handling.

A world first: digitized pneumatics!

For the first time ever, the functions of a valve can be controlled and changed by software without having to modify the hardware. This brand-new intelligent technology, which combines pneumatics, electronics and software control, can be used to realise simple directional control valve functions through to complex motion tasks which were previously restricted to servo-pneumatics or electric automation.

Bosch Aluminum Structural Framing System

Work environments are more efficient the more they are customized for a specific purpose. From frames, enclosures, special and series-production machinery to workstations or lines for material supply and linking, Bosch Rexroth’s ultra-flexible assembly system offers quick, complete solutions for any task in any industry.