Bosch Rexroth Group

Bosch Rexroth Group manufacturers aluminum structural framing. You can easily solve the most varied tasks using the largest modular profile system worldwide – with over 100 different strut profiles. The aluminum modular profile system thus not only offers you a wide range of application options, but also numerous advantages.

With dozens of bolt-together connectors available for virtually any load or application, almost any structure can be quickly assembled without special tools or skills. In addition, our Aluminum structural framing looks clean and is aesthetically pleasing needing no painting or other finishing.

Protective devices of all kinds can also be made from Rexroth aluminum profiles. Transparent partition walls, counter attachments, protective conversation walls or other setups can be realized in countless forms with the Rexroth modular profile system.

Safety first: Protect your workers and equipment with physical enclosures, guards, and barriers that assemble easily from standard components and install in a snap. Rexroth’s authorized distributors are experts in safety and have built thousands of custom safety structures for customers throughout the U.S.A.

Rexroth Bosch Aluminum Structural Framing offers product CAD files and solid models, streamlined access to the exact catalog information for each aluminum framing.

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