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Ace Controls is a leader in industrial damping technology, including miniature shock absorbers, heavy industrial shock absorbers, profile dampers, and damping pads for applications involving automation control, motion control, vibration control, and safety products.
Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., located in Rockford, IL, is a global manufacturer and distributor of precision machine tool components and metal cutting solutions.
AKG Thermal Systems, located in Mebane, North Carolina, is a leading supplier for Standardized Catalog cooling products for the Industrial, Mobile, and Compressed Air markets.
Allenair Corporation is the leading manufacturer for rotary index tables, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, 2, 3 & 4-way valves, as well as accessories and special order needs.  Allenair is located in Fremont, Ohio, and services the entire United States, and is a leading dist
Anchor Fluid power is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality flanges, split flange adapters, quick couplings, weld couplings, ball valves, and inline valves for hydraulic systems with four North American stocking locations; they are able to promptly fulfill global
Atos is an Italian company with locations worldwide featuring a full product line of standard, customized, explosion-proof, stainless steel, and certified products.
AVENTICS is a globally active manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. They are a specialist supplier of drive and control solutions serving industries such as industrial automation, food & beverage, life sciences, energy, commercial vehicles, marine.
AW-Lake Company continually strives to produce the highest quality flow measurement instrumentation, from the smallest flow meter order to the most comprehensive OEM flow meter solutions customized for specific applications.


Balluff offers sensors and systems for position measurement, identification, object detection, process media monitoring and a comprehensive portfolio for industrial image processing. Automation
Barksdale® is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids. Switches
Barrington Automation is a supplier of precision pneumatic grippers, linear acutuators, rotary actuators, pick and place units, robotic work cells, and much more.  Engineered to manage almost any material handling or automation task.They specialize in modular automation components including
Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology.
Bosch Rexroth Group manufacturers aluminum structural framing. You can easily solve the most varied tasks using the largest modular profile system worldwide – with over 100 different strut profiles. The aluminum modular profile system thus not only offers you a wide range of application options,
Brevini designs and produces a complete range of mechanical transmissions and hydraulic and electronic components which, b


Casappa designs and builds power, filtration, and electronic controls fort hydraulic systems including gear pumps and motors; aluminum, low noise, cast iron, fixed /variable axial piston pumps and more. Products Include: Gear Pumps and Motors
CEJN develops innovative engineering solutions with a focus on safety as well
Cervis is a manufacturer of industrial wireless remote controls serving multiple markets within industry.
For over 75years, Clippard has specialized in the manufacture o
COBO International is the U.S. branch of the COBO Group.
CPC quick connect and disconnect solutions improve the functionality and design of your equipment and processes.
ControlAir is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic control products essential to automated industrial equipment, process control systems and instrumentation, laboratory research and analysis, energy management, fluid power, robotics, and valve automation a


Daman designs and builds Standard and Custom Hydraulic Manifold Products for industrial and mobile applications
Dana is a world leader in highly-engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery. Their technologies include drive, motion, electrodynamic, sealing, thermal, and digital, systems.
Delta Computer Systems manufacturers and supplies motion controllers for
Delta Power Company designs and manufactures cutting-edge products and systems including cartridge valves, check valves, e
Deltrol Corp. is a world leader in the development and manufacture of electromechanical controls and hydraulic systems and components.
Des-Case products extend the life of industrial lubricants by preventing contamination with desi
DMIC (Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation) designs and manufacturers custom valves and components for hydraulic power, fluid control, and fluid handling applications. DMIC is ISO 9001:2015, Fire Safe and CRN certified. Products categories include:
Donaldson is one of the largest and most successful filtration manufacturers in the world.  Since 1915, their innovative t
Duplomatic Oleodinamica designs and produces a complete range of hydraulic components that are suitable for all application sectors of both industrial and mobile fields.
DuraValve is a quality supplier of brass and stainless steel ball valves, butterfly valves, pneumatic and electric actuators and actuated assemblies.  
Dynalco serves a variety of customers in the oil and gas, chemical process, construction and off-road equipment, transportation, power generation, marine, mining, water and waste water and factory automation markets.
Dynamic is a supplier of interchangeable, low speed-high torque hydraulic motors featuring: ROTORTORC and ROLORTORC.PVS sensors, gages, hydraulic gear pumps; fixed displacement, pressure balanced.   View the Dynamic Video
Dynex manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use on mobile and industrial machinery.


Supplier for drilling, tapping and milling units/spindles for Automation Industry. Powered by air or electric motor, pneumatic or hydraulic self-feed system.
Bezares manufacturers a wide range of auxiliary hydraulic equipment for trucks and industrial vehicles including PTO, hydraulic pumps, fittings, winches, power packs, complete hydraulic systems, and hydraulic adapters for all major truck and industrial vehicle brands.
Eaton offers the world's broadest range of standard and custom-engineered industrial cylinders to meet the needs of the most demanding applications including offshore drilling, steel mills, and machine tools. Supplier of Hansen-Tuthill Connectors
EHA is a full-service fluid power systems and controls manufacturer and service provider. They have the capability of meeting all fluid power needs from standard-to-custom power units, manifolds, cylinders, automation solutions and more.
Multi-function handles, multi axis joysticks, single axis joysticks, thumbwheels, push buttons, steering column switches, hand throttles, non-contact sensors, ultrasonic sensors, tilt sensors, angle sensors, position detection sensors.
Fluid automation systems, materials joining equipment, mechanical and electrical drives, industrial electrical products, and power generation technologies.
Enerpac features the most comprehensive family of hydraulically driven, high-force industrial tools and equipment including custom solutions for cylinders, pumps, presses and bolting products as well as private label products for OEMs and turn-key clean sheet designs.
Manufacturer of pressure gauges, manometers, pressure gauges, thermometers.
Eskridge provides power transmission solutions utilizing gear drive and brake products for industrial and mobile equipment all over the world. 


Fabco's product line includes Air Prep., Pancake® cylinders, Square-1® cylinders, tie rod cylinders, Multi-Power® cylinders and presses and Global Series™ extruded body cylinders.
A world leader in high pressure hydraulic connectors, MultiFaster multiconnectors, and custom castings.
Supplier for our testing connectors for leak free vacuum and pressure testing, fluid filling or flushing, EZ Connect ZF formed tube connectors, FasMate Shallow Depth, FasMate Instant Threaded, Twistmate Threaded, Leak Test and additional large variety of patented connectors.
Industrial automation products – pneumatic and electric automation products from actuators to servo motors to sensors and valves.
Moog Flo-Tork is a premier manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuators.
FRAME-WORLD Structural Aluminum Extrusions and Components provide a complete system that allows quick and easy design and assembly of machine bases and frames, stands, guard assemblies, material handling fixtures, safety guarding, robot safety fencing, and tooling supports.
Customizeable plastic tubing.


Geartek is a major supplier of off-highway construction, mining, industrial, oil field, forestry and marine gear pumps and motors.
Graco has supplied hydraulically-powered fluid pumping equipment for over 20 years. Hydraulically-powered pumps run quiet with no exhaust noise, maintain high flow rates over full pressure range and saves on power needs through more efficient operation.


Hansa-TMP designs and manufactures of innovative hydraulic components: hydrostatic transmissions, controls, wheel drive units and generators.
Manufacturer of quality flow measurement solutions including turbine flow meters, transit time ultrasonic flow meters, switches and transmitters.  Provider of cost effective flow measurement in the following applications: oil, phosphate esters, water, water-based fluids, air, and other compressed
North America’s foremost independent designer and producer of encapsulated, modular, highly ruggedized digital and analog electronic controller products for the global fluid power and motion control industry.
The product range includes network components for ethernet, fast ethernet and gigabit ethernet through fibre interfaces for different field bus systems up to electrical actuator and sensor connectors. Hirschmann is also a leader in controls, load indication and load moment indicators.
Our supplier are pumps, valves ,  for the industrial and the mobile market featuring assembles as well as product component sales.  
HYDAC provides fluid power solutions to OEM's, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. These solutions increase the efficiency, longevity and safety of fluid power systems - even under extreme conditions.
Hydro Leduc is a specialist in the design and manufacture of piston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydropnuematic accumulators, and customized hydraulic components satisfying customer needs with reliable products from a reliable source.
Eaton is a global supplier of Hydro-Line® industrial cylinders used in applications ranging from rubber and plastic molding machinery, to machine tools, food processing equipment, steel and aluminum mills, and off-shore drilling systems.


A specialty hydraulics supplier covering a broad range of industries including aerospace, agriculture, construction, food & beverage, marine & offshore, packaging, transportation and waste management.
Ikron “Fluid Filtration” from Casappa “Fluid Power Design” An accurate filtration expands the life of all components and improves the overall efficiency of your hydraulic system.
IMI Precision Engineering - Norgren, offers a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as actuators, pneumatic filters, regulators and lubricators, fittings and valves.
Specializing in Air Driven Pumps and Engineered Integrated Pump Systems


Kepner Products Company manufacturer innovative zero leakage control valves for liquid and gas. They feature a flexible seat design that offers positive leakage control of liquid or gas.
Storm Manufacturing supplies IFP with the following supplier lines:
KTI Hydraulics is a diversified manufacturing and technological company that offers a wide range of products and services in the areas of commercial, industrial hydraulic equipment and is widely recognized for our engineering capabilities, product excellence and customer service.
KTR has been developing power transmission components for mechanical and plant engineering under this slogan for more than fifty years.
The systematic ongoing development of KUKA robot and control technology makes it possible to establish robotics across a broad spectrum of different markets.
KYB product applications include hydraulic equipment used in manufacturing, testing, lifestyle, and civil engineering projects.  The varied uses and applications of KYB products and equipment demonstrate our commitment to helping create a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable society.


LEESON Electric, the world’s most customer-focused motor, gearmotor and drives company, has expanded our product offering with the addition of the Lincoln Motors, Grove Gear and Electra-Gear products.
Under the Parker umbrella, a supplier for push-in fittings, compression fittings, industrial ball valves, quick disconnect couplers, blowguns and technical tubing and hose.
A world class manufacturer of fluid power products, valves, and machine tool accessories.


Magnaloy manufactures the original light weight, heavy-duty flexible drive coupling.
Mead's traditional strength has been in the design and manufacturing of pneumatic components for the industrial automation market, including pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic actuators.
Founded in 1987, Mencom Corporation provides high quality, cost effective solutions that meet industrial electrical connector requirements. Mencom offers a complete line of custom-made and off-the-shelf electrical connectors. Their product line includes:
Milwaukee Cylinder is a long-established and recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions and is a manufacturer of a standard range of steel and aluminum NFPA tie-rod cylinders for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
Monnier is known for machining integral parts of their assemblies. They offer the most flexible manufacturing process in the fluid power industry. Precision machined tolerances give Monnier’s airline filters, regulators, lubricators, and accessories unsurpassed strength and quality.
MTS Systems Corporation is a global supplier of mechanical testing systems and position sensors for a wide variety of markets and applications.
Industry-leading rugged machine displays. Acquired by Sun Hydraulics in 2016 and today serve diverse applications across many markets. Digital and analog electronic controller products
Murrelektronik is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of automation solutions. Their products are divided into four core lines:


IFP is an authorized distributor for Nason pressure switches, hydraulic cylinders, and pressure transducers. Experienced design engineers at Nason (based in South Carolina) insure that the parts manufactured provide unmatched precision reliability and endurance.    
The Nimco product line includes Load sensing valves, flow control valves, diverter valves, piston pumps, open center valves, accessory valves, and cylinders.
IMI Precision Engineering - Norgren, offers a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as actuators, pneumatic filters, regulators and lubricators, fittings and valves.
Pressure, level, temperature and force measurement instruments, needle and manifold valves transducers, transmitters, gauges, and valves".


For over a century, Oilgear continues to set the standard in industries requiring precise, high-performance hydraulic systems. They are considered a worldwide provider of complex fluid power control systems.
On Robot is a one-stop-shop for end-of-arm tooling. Their products open new possibilities for automating tasks that you never thought possible.


Introducing the "next generation" of collaborative robots by Productive Robotics - the new OB7 product line. This unique 7-axis design goes beyond the capability of a human arm where each of OB7's joints can rotate 360° in both directions.


The safety light curtain line is one of the most complete offerings in the market; a safety laser scanner and a measurement light curtain line for automation are offered as well.
Industry standards patented under the RegO® name include Double Check Fill Valves, Pop Action Relief Valves, Chek-Lok Valves, and the MultiBonnet.
Bosch Rexroth is the world leader in the drive, motion, and control technologies that power today’s most advanced manufacturing systems.
A world leader in design, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuation products. Experienced in all industrial cylinder applications.
Rotzler is our leading manufacturer of hydraulic winches and winch systems for lifting and pulling loads. They develop customized winch solutions for various applications. These include fire and rescue vehicles, loading cranes, drilling rigs, military vehicles, and the marine industry.


SAI Hydraulics is a leading company in the production of hydraulic motors and related products.  Thanks to a continuous awareness of market trends and development, SAI offers products manufactured to the highest technological standards, incorporating the latest technologies that maximize efficien
Salami manufacturers hydraulic integrated systems with electronic solutions. Typical areas of applications ranging from agriculture, bulldozers, street works, construction, internal and external handling, garbage collectors, navy, mines, and mining drills.
Sanyo Denki develops, designs, manufactures, and sells servo motor/amplifiers, stepping motors/drivers, servo sensors, fan motors, power supply units, industrial personal computers, and industrial machine control systems.
SC Hydraulic Engineering is a manufacturer and designer of an ever-growing line of high pressure, air-driven liquid pumps, as well as air and gas boosters, which are being used in a variety of industries and applications.  
Vacuum Technology for Automation
For 65 years, Schroeder Industries designs, ad manufactures a complete range of advanced fluid conditioning solutions. These products are positioned to serve the manufacturers and users of industrial and mobile equipment worldwide. 
Since 1899, SIMPLEX has manufactured innovative positioning and lifting products. They specialize in mechanical jacks & hydraulic high pressure, high force equipment up to 1500 tons.
Stucchi is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic quick coupler products, providing reliable, quick disconnect solutions since 1960.
Sun Hydraulics designs and manufactures high-performance screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds which are used to control force, speed, and motion as integral components in fluid power systems.


Techman Robot, a leading collaborative robot and vision technologies company, is dedicated to improving the world of work for businesses and their people through (robotic) technology applications.
Offering standard oil coolers and custom-designed OEM engine coolers & modules for the industrial fluid power and mobile markets.
Twintec manufactures precision-made multi-tube connectors for quick connect and disconnects of pneumatic and air hose applications.


With generic fit, form, and function products and innovative vacuum solution packages, Vacuforce offers a full line of vacuum venturi & generators, pumps & blowers, filtration, valves, switches, sensors, and cups.
The Vanguard® commercial battery is leading the next generation of electrified power. The flexible integrated lithium-ion battery system delivers versatile power and performance configured for multiple capacities and voltages.
The Versa line of air control valves offers a broad selection of sizes, types, actuators, and mountings.  The total spectrum of applications for Versa valves covers a diversity of energy, environmental and high-tech markets, including process control, robotic, packaging, textile, wood, mobile, au


Walvoil is one of the leading producers of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems for the worldwide market of moving equipment.
Weidmuller is a brand experienced in supporting its customers and partners worldwide with products, solutions, and services in the industrial environment of power, signal, and data. They are at home in their industries and markets and know the technological challenges of tomorrow.
WIKA, a family-run company, is a world market leader in pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation.


Youli-America is an independently owned Texas company located in Corpus Christi. They understand applications for mobile style monoblock and sectional directional control valves. Youli-America valves are rated up to 4600 PSI and flows to 63 GPM.