We offer on-site service, machine/cylinder repair service, and product testing. We will increase your productivity and minimize maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.


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IFP Services

We offer on-site service, machine/cylinder repair service, and product testing. We will increase your productivity and minimize maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.


Pumps, Motors, Cylinders & Valves. All brands of repairable cylinders.


Service Engineers, Specialists & Technicians with skills to meet your specific needs.


Industries Served

Aerial Work Platforms and Cranes

Fluid power technology offers unmatched flexibility, control, safety, and power density for aerial work platform and crane system control.


Reliable, high-quality products are built to rigorous safety standards to lower operating costs and ensure reduced maintenance costs.


Farming has benefited from fluid power for over a century, and IFP/EHA has provided expertise to the Agriculture industry for nearly fifty years.

Construction and Off-Road Equipment

Construction machinery has to combine maximum performance and precision. Moreover, with rising energy costs, high efficiency levels are imperative and emission standards need to be met.

Consumer Products

As a consumer products manufacturer dealing with supply-chain-related issues, the ability to provide high-quality products, perhaps in small lots, can be easily customized. Safety is also paramount.

Food & Beverage

We offer stainless steel and IP69K-compliant products such as cylinders, valves, motors, sensors, and other control devices from experienced food processing product manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Festo, Balluff, and Sun Hydraulics.

Industrial Machinery

We help machine builders improve their machine performance, safety, energy savings, and, maintenance costs with our fluid power, mechanical, and electronic products & controls.


Durable, reliable, and safety is required to operate hydraulic components and winch systems for inland and offshore marine applications.

Medical & Pharma

When lives are on the line, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech equipment must consistently meet production, precision, and cleanliness and safety standards – no compromise.


Operating with decades-old equipment in some cases becomes a significant challenge for the mining industry. We can help to modernize your equipment with the latest fluid power technologies to reduce your energy costs and be more efficient.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies were developed in a time of resource scarcity. They built large and complex extraction facilities to get at those hard to find and difficult to develop resources.


End-of-line packaging demands are inspiring new-to-market machinery. The machines that automate functions are both mechanical and electric.

Plastics & Rubber

The Plastic Industry continues to expand with products used in various industries such as construction, infrastructural development, electrical & electronics, transport, automotive, medical, aviation, and apparel


IFP provides hydraulic components, customized solutions, and system controls for maintenance-of-way (MOW) machinery.

Service Trucks & Trailers

Service trucks and trailers help keep the U.S. economy moving. This broad industry includes trucks and trailers used for commercial and municipal purposes that rely on fluid power components to haul, lift, dump, dig, transport, maintain, and rescue

Waste Management

IFP Motion Solutions Inc. builds diverse systems and next-generation mobile equipment for refuse machinery that delivers the rugged power needed for controlling, lifting, filling, compacting, and dumping applications on refuse vehicles used in the waste management industry.