Atos Proportional Valves for Wind Energy

Atos developed new outstanding proportional valves for the pitch control of windmills. A compelling product for windmill manufacturers and OEMs across the globe.

These valves are designed to outperform even at the harshest environmental conditions of temperature variations and shock conditions, across the North American continent.

Why choose Atos?


Atos proportional valves have Digital performance but at an Analog price. They are also easy to adjust, easy to program, and easy to adapt.

Atos’s high performance digital servoproportionals are the preferred choice of wind turbine manufacturers worldwide for pitch control.


On Board Electronics Execution

      – Flow, Directional and Servo class

      – Digital performance, Analog price

      – Rugged design: tested up to 50 g

      – Temperature range: -20 C – 80 C

      – Environmental (water, dust) IP 66/67

      – 700hr Salt Spray test

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