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December 18, 2020

Introducing the Robert E. Koski Center of Engineering Innovation

Expanded R&D efforts at Sun Hydraulics find a home in the new Koski Center in Sarasota, Florida

Sun Hydraulics names new center of engineering innovation after founder Robert E. Koski

Sun Hydraulics recently honored the legacy of founder Robert Koski in a dedication ceremony, marking the company’s first 50 years in business by naming its new engineering research and development facility in Sarasota the “Robert E. Koski Center of Engineering Innovation.”

To watch the full event, follow this link. And to see tributes and hear stories from long-time partners and employees, check out this video.

October 2, 2020

The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST performs positioning and movement tasks up to 300 W, highly efficiently, dynamically, and precisely, point-to-point or by interpolation. And it can be easily commissioned in no time, via the Festo Automation Suite and the integrated auto-tuning function.


Very efficient for tasks with low power requirements up to 300 W
Ideal for positioning tasks, point-to-point and interpolating motion solutions 
Suitable for Ethernet-based bus systems and can be directly integrated into the system environments of many manufacturers
50% more compact than the smallest CMMT-AS for ensuring optimal space-saving installations
Auto-tuning supports simple commissioning of rotary and linear movements, using mechanical systems from Festo and third-party suppliers
Standard safety functions are included
Optimized for use with stepper motors like the tried and tested EMMS-ST

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View plasma surface treatment application using
Festo’s Servo Drive CMMT-ST

May 11, 2020


Please welcome Trace Tuthill to the IFP Group of Companies!  Trace recently completed his engineering studies (via online) through Iowa State University. He became aware of IFP through the Fluid Power Club at ISU. Trace will be working under the direction of Chad Burlingham in the Cedar Rapids office, and can be reached at: ttuthill@ifpusa.com.

Welcome to IFP/EHA!


April 17, 2020

The NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge is a competition that challenges college engineering students to redesign a traditional bicycle using hydraulics as the mode of power transmission. This program was designed to support teams of undergraduate students through a senior capstone design project or extracurricular project.
Students develop a fluid powered vehicle without the use of chains or belts. NFPA member industry professionals serve as mentors and judges. The 2017 competition was hosted by NFPA member, Danfoss in Ames, IA on their test track. Students competed for cash prizes in three separate races -0 Sprint, Efficiency, and Reliability.
The NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge provides students with experience in real world engineering under strict deadlines for designing, building, testing, and demonstrating their designs.

This year it was all done virtually with multiple online meetings. The competition is usually held in Colorado at IMI Norgren. Sixteen different teams competed in the challenge held on April 12-18, 2020 and will consist of judged final student presentations as well as information sessions from supporting companies for students.
On April 16th, IFP President Jim Kaas and Sales Territory Manager, Dean Eberhardt delivered an online presentation – “The Role of Distributors in Fluid Power” to approximately 70 students participating in this year’s event. Each student who joined the presentation received a complimentary IFP “I am Fluid Powered” cup.

The benefit for the NFPA Pascal Society participating members and sponsoring companies is to have an opportunity to address future engineering employees and fluid power customers by learning about the opportunities that exist in the growing Fluid Power industry.


November 19, 2019

Iowa Fluid Power Plans Building Expansion in Cedar Rapids.

Iowa Fluid Power (IFP), its sister company Electro-Hydraulic Automation (EHA) and their real estate arm Blairs Buildings, LLC., have announced plans for a major building expansion in Cedar Rapids.

IFP is a distributor of fluid power products such as, hydraulic and pneumatic valves, cylinders and pumps.The current site, located at 1610 Blairs Ferry Road NE, will expand by 45,000 square feet for manufacturing and distribution of IFP’s and EHA’s products and 10,000 square feet of the existing building will be converted to office space. The expansion will allow IFP and EHA to do additional research and development of large-scale projects at the facility and will double manufacturing and warehouse capacity.  Iowa Fluid Power (IFP), its sister company Electro-Hydraulic Automation (EHA) and their real estate arm Blairs Buildings, LLC., have announced plans for a this expansion in Cedar Rapids.

‍The project, which is contingent on regulatory approval and financial assistance, will create 12 new jobs in engineering, sales engineers and other technically skilled positions. Founded by Don Kaas with a Small Business Administration loan and three employees in 1972, the company now occupies a 63,000 square foot facility in Cedar Rapids. Combined with three other sales offices and warehouses in the Minneapolis, Kansas City and Houston metro areas, it now has total employment of 143.

“Iowa Fluid Power is choosing to expand its Cedar Rapids headquarters to serve our expanding customer base as well as the quality and availability of Cedar Rapids labor of which we currently employ over 100 locally,” IFP President Jim Kaas said in a news release.

Construction will begin in the spring of 2020, adding to IFP’s existing building and utilizing land that was formerly the St. Andrew’s Golf Course driving range.


November 19, 2019

Hawkeye Community College Students Tour IFP

A popular class at Hawkeye Community College in Cedar Falls, Iowa recently toured the facilities of IFP/EHA in Cedar Rapids. Led by Instructor Carl Carey, the 23 students in attendance toured the IFP/EHA facilities led by Engineering Director, Brian Tritle.

Popular Fluid Power Instructor at Hawkeye Community College brings 23 students to IFP to learn more about industrial Fluid Power.

“I always thought Iowa Fluid Power was just a distribution facility that sold hydraulic components, commented Carey, but they also build test machines from the ground up, like the one shown in the image above.”

“My students were impressed and felt it was well worth their time, and yes, they learned a lot about some of the latest technology and hopefully a few of them may have been inspired enough to further their education and become fluid power technicians or engineers. Iowa Fluid Power also have some of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time.”

There are few technical colleges in America that rival Hawkeye College when it comes to teaching hydraulics. Carl Carey, and Hawkeye’s administrators have done a remarkable job of developing a world-class fluid power training program.


November 18, 2019

IFP participates in UNK Job Fair.

On October 14th and 15th, IFP team members participated in a job fair at the University of Nebraska Kearney (UNK) campus to recruit potential candidates for our University of IFP program to onboard, train and hire & locate students interested in pursuing a career in the Motion Control industry and specifically a career path at IFP.

Shown in our booth, left-to-right are territory manager’s Kelly Dahl, Blake Slizoski, and Marc Grote. Others attending this event were HR Director, Valarie Burns, and VP of Sales & Marketing, Eric Striegel.

There was a lot of interest in employment opportunities at IFP as technological advances continue to ramp up the need for knowledgeable and skilled employees. IFP has built a solid relationship with UNK in sourcing numerous students who have become employed here through the collaborative program offering between us.


November 8, 2019

IFP Awarded Fastest Growing Business Award.

Iowa Fluid Power returns to the Corridor Business Journal’s list of fastest growing companies. On June 5th, 2019 IFP was recognized as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in the Corridor. The Corridor is considered the area that includes Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and the surrounding area. To accommodate recent growth, IFP has begun construction on a $5.7-million expansion which will increase our current site in Cedar Rapids by 44,000 square feet for manufacturing and distribution of products.

According to IFP’s vice-president of sales and marketing Eric Striegel, diversity is the key to IFP’s success.

IFP has also kept up with changes in the industry.

“We have broadened our horizons, when it comes to various technologies. We’re not just hydraulics; we pride ourselves in three technologies – hydraulic, pneumatic, and other technologies, electrical & mechanical and automation. “We’re able to offer our customers solutions that entail all of those technologies which, at the end of the day, produce better, lower cost solutions for our customers. It’s a lot better than pigeon-holing our selves into one technology; I don’t want to call us a one stop shop, but that’s what we like to be.”

The idea of diversity extends to Ifs broad base of customers. “Our customer base is so diversified,” indicated IFP Human Relations Director Valerie Burns, “that when one of the industries is down, we have been able to develop new items for agriculture, construction, medical, and all kinds of other industries. One of the things that has helped us is our diverse nature so we can adapt to just about any customer’s needs.”

IFP is headquartered in Cedar Rapids and has locations in Minneapolis, Olathe, Kansas, and Houston.
Article excerpt provided by the Corridor Business Journal