February 2020 - IFP Motion Solutions Inc.

February 28, 2020

When the time comes that you have cylinder failure, the decision must be made whether to buy new or repair. The benefits of repairing may include shorter lead times, significant cost savings over new cylinders, and in many cases the ability to identify the cause(s) of the failure.
Hydraulic failure can occur through lack of adequate maintenance and damage. The results can be extremely expensive and even worse, cause long lasting damage and even injury. Diagnosing hydraulic failure is essential to establish what remedial or other action needs to be taken.

Save by Repair
Breakdowns can occur at any time and when they do you are robbed of valuable production time and profit. Repairing a cylinder can save approximately 40-50% the cost of new. Although a large portion of the savings comes as a direct result of using many of the existing parts in the repair process, this will not compromise the quality or performance of a repaired cylinder.

Save with Investigative Information
Cylinders sent in for repair receive a thorough inspection at the start of the repair process. During this phase, the technicians check for any stress that may have been placed on the unit from excessive side loads, improper mounting, fluid contamination, or defective seals. The inspection enables the technicians to determine the possible cause(s) of the failure. The information gathered during the inspection may help you make adjustments and correct issues with your related equipment to extend the life of your cylinders. Simply purchasing new cylinders may not address the specific issues that may lead to repeat failure of the new product.


Quality Control and Testing
An important part of quality control is testing every repaired cylinder. A standard testing procedure assures the cylinder will be ready for immediate use when it leaves the facility. A repair/refurbish goal is to return rebuilt equipment to its original specifications or better.

Here is a list of the top 10 factors in determining where you get your cylinders repaired:

Do they have reliable service and good customer support?
Do they have experience working on cylinders from various manufacturers?
After the initial inspection, do they provide feedback with the possible cause(s) of the failure?
Do they have OEM-equivalent or better components for their repair?
Do they have adequate in-house machining capabilities?
Are the repaired cylinders tested?
Are their quotes competitive?
What is their typical turnaround time on a cylinder repair?
Do they offer rapid-response delivery when needed?
What kind of warranty do they offer on cylinder repairs?

Cylinder wear & tear varies per industry. There are many good service and repair companies, both large and small located geographically who may meet the requirements of on-location system service and maintenance. However, some projects may be more suitable sending the outdated or defective component to a central repair facility. Urgency is often a factor, and the cost of being down on a piece of equipment is key as well.



Here are a few examples of both on location and off-site repair facility repair projects.

A large mining operation kept sending back cylinders for repair; they were breaking cylinder rods every 5-6 weeks. Their repair facility kept repairing them but took it one step further to take a look at their systems on location to offer up some equipment change suggestions. Much of their equipment was 60-70 years old. After assessing the situation, a manifold block that would control their load instead of bouncing the chutes was recommended. They chose a service facility that could help them upgrade to newer technologies and embraced the solution with a successful outcome.

Food Processing & Packaging

A large food processing operation with 3 plants required maintenance service to repair and refurbish their central hydraulic system that ran the plant conveyors. However, they

lacked enough mechanics and technicians to do this scale of maintenance. This outsourced, on-location project took 3-4 weeks to complete. It involved servicing and replacing all of the hydraulic valves, filtration elements and total service on 14 electric pumps and motors. The equipment was old and the suppliers who still manufacture the components for this system were not considered a good fit for this project. While spending ample time at one of the plants it was discovered that a more superior cylinder manufacturer with a special rod material suitable for their application would be a solution for the short life cycle of their existing cylinders. This chance encounter resulted in the upgrade to a better cylinder and service contract.

February 26, 2020


On Robot is a one stop shop for end-of-arm tooling. Their products open new possibilities for automating tasks that you never thought possible. Their cutting edge gripping and sensing systems for industrial automation let you easily design truly collaborative applications that enable your workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots on assembly, surface finishing, pick and place, machine tending, or testing.

Maximize your automation efforts with OnRobot’s flexible end-of-arm tooling (EoAT). They offer a full range of state-of-the-art robotic arm grippers, sensors and tool changers for industrial automation. All their products work with any collaborative or light industrial robot arm.

Their innovative grippers, force/torque sensors and tool changers are game changers within collaborative automation, opening up new automation and optimization possibilities never seen before.

Each of their products also come with a built-in electronic quick changer that helps make programming and installation simple and easy. Their solutions to be instantly deployable, you can get your production up and running in no time, allowing your investment to earn itself back from day one.


February 26, 2020


Salami manufacturers hydraulic integrated systems with electronic solutions. Typical areas of applications range from agriculture, bulldozers, street works, construction, internal and external handling, garbage collectors, navy, mines, and mining drills.

Products include direct control valves, pumps & motors, and electronic remote-control systems.

Salami international (english):


Salami will be exhibiting at Conexpo March 10-14, 2020 in Las Vegas; Booth #S82945



February 12, 2020

IFP/EHA will be exhibiting at CONEXPO CON/AGG on  arch 10-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Stop in and visit us in booth #S80806 We’ll have  members of our sales & engineering teams will be on hand to demonstrate the latest innovation technologies in motion control from manufacturers including:

Sun Hydraulics
Enovation Controls
Versa Valves
Elobau Sensor Technology
NPC Robotics (Black Box)
Techman Robot
Productive Robotics