In-Person Training

Classes are offered throughout the year at our four locations In Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis, Kansas City (Olathe), and Houston.

In-Person Training

University of IFP is the IFP Group of Companies’ training program designed to educate class attendees on the basics of fluid power components and systems. Classes are offered throughout the year at our four locations In Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Houston.

During the pandemic we have started some major facility renovation/relocation projects involving our Cedar Rapids and Kansas City facilities. Therefore, we have decided to suspend any in-person customer training classes at these facilities until late summer/early fall. The feedback we have received indicates our customers are interested in University of IFP resuming basic hydraulic training classes.

Note: Class sizes are limited to 16 attendees and social distancing is practiced. Class dates are subject to individual state government COVID restrictions and requirements.

Basic Hydraulic Training

Who should attend:

This is an entry level training class specializing in industrial and mobile hydraulic equipment. It is intended to establish a basic understanding of hydraulics for maintenance staff, operators, and hydraulic system designers. Whether you are new to hydraulic systems or have previous experience but seeking additional insight, this class is for you.

General principles of hydraulics will be covered during this one-day class in a clear and concise manner providing a good foundation for anyone working with hydraulic systems and components.

By the end of the class participants should be able to:

  1. Understand basic schematic symbols for better troubleshooting and understanding of the machine’s operation.
  2. Understand the difference between various types of pumps used in hydraulics.
  3. Learn how to design and maintain efficient and cost-effective pumping systems.
  4. Understand various pressure control valve types, their schematics, and function.
  5. Understand hydraulic filtration systems, contamination preventative, and maintenance.
  6. Become familiar with hydraulic system accessories and their function.

Learn the basic framework for troubleshooting and how to follow a prescribed method
of preventative maintenance and system repairs.

If you are registering to attend a for-fee class, you may provide a purchase order or credit card number on the form. All attendees are required to pre-pay prior to the class. Registrants will receive a confirmation via email.

You may change or cancel your registration up to ten days before the start of the class in order to receive a refund or credit for another date. To cancel of modify a registration, please call 319-395-700; University of IFP or email