AVENTICS is a globally active manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. They are a specialist supplier of drive and control solutions serving industries such as industrial automation, food & beverage, life sciences, energy, commercial vehicles, marine. railway technology, and wood, paper & printing.

Automation solutions

  • Cylinders & drives
  • Valves & valve systems
  • Comopressed air preparation

Cylinder Products

  • Standard cylinders
  • NFPA cylinder
  • Mini cylinder
  • Round cylinder
  • Short-stroke cylinders and compact cylinders
  • Tie rod cylinder
  • Cylinder valve units
  • Rodless cylinders
  • Guide cylinders
  • Double piston cylinder
  • Rotary actuators
  • Bellow actuator
  • Cylinder with distance measuring sensor
  • Diaphragm-type cylinder
  • Grippers

Valves & Valve System Products

  • Single valves
  • Valve Systems
  • Electrical Connection Technologies

Compressed Air Preparation

  • (FRLs) - Filter, Pressure Regulators, and Lubricators
  • 651,652, 653 product series air prep systems
  • Stainless steel air prep, series MH1
  • Air service unit, Series NL-C (combi FRL)
  • Modular air preparation

Suppliers Products

Emerson - Aventics PHT Hydraulic Tie-Rod Cylinder
Emerson - Aventics HHT Hydraulic Tie-Rod Cylinder
Aventics EQ-Series Tie-rod Cylinders
Aventics A-Series Tie-rod Cylinders
Aventics P52935 Valve Quick Exhaust