Conveyor Assembly

EHA builds 50’ Manual Conveyor with 5’ Transfer Cart and Pallet Return Rails

EHA designed and built a 50′ manual conveyor system using Bosch Framing and MPS (Manual Production System) featuring a two-rail set-up with easy-rolling side-guided rollers, axles, and roller holders. The system includes three pallet stops (2 manual and1 automated), a 5-foot transfer cart, and a gravity feed return rail. When the transfer cart is moved to the back rail, a spring-activated pallet stop prevents the pallets from falling off the return rails. The manual pallet stops can be operated from either side. The system was designed and built at EHA. Also featured are custom, adjustable-length pallet configurations per the customer’s specs. After visiting EHA for a test approval, the system was shipped to the factory for assembly and installation.