Design & Engineering


Welcome to Electro-Hydraulic Automation. We are a full-service fluid power and electronics systems and controls manufacturer located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At EHA we have the capability of satisfying all your fluid power needs from standard "base-pak" vertical power units and pneumatic systems to full-service custom solutions and custom manufactured components. Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid Response Delivery - We pre-design and stock sub-components allowing us to deliver custom-designed power units in as little as one day.
  • Rapid Response Design - Our unique approach enables us to provide a level of design and documentation few others can achieve.
  • Leading Technologies - Our capabilities include variable displacement pumps with horsepower limiting, servo and proportional valves, open and closed loop control, and position control with linear and rotary transducers.
  • All System Sizes - We design and engineer systems of all sizes from small units requiring fractional horsepower to large-scale electro-hydraulic systems.
  • Turnkey Systems - We can provide our customers with a complete turnkey project from concept through installation and start up.