Rotzler Titan Hydraulic Hoisting Winch

For more than two decades, ROTZLER TITAN winches have been recognized for outstanding performance. Designed to fit into hoisting applications in service cranes, loading cranes, drilling rigs and marine applications, they offer long life and durability. The TITAN series is equipped with a high performance hydraulic motor designed and build by ROTZLER for a winch that is as compact as possible. Its design allows for near silent operation under heavy loads and high speeds. The versatile motor also allows hoisting clockwise and counter-clockwise, with no run-in necessary. For smooth lowering of the load, a counter-balance valve is integrated in the ROTZLER motor as standard. The planetary gear box with its optimized tooth profile, machined and ground planetary gear s and heavy duty needle roller bearings, support reliable and energy efficient power transmission. A high performance brake system with disc brakes allows safe lifting, lowering and holding of the load. To further support the extended service life of the winch, we provide a top quality paint finish with primer and industrial top coat. This durable, corrosion resistant coating is applied on the components prior to the assembly. In doing so, ROTZLER assures that the coating covers all surfaces.

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    •    Compact dimensions and light weight
    •    Quick and simple installation
    •    Flexibility to cater for many different applications
    •    Long product service life and low maintenance
    •    Complete range of accessories
    •    Reliable quality, assured by Rotzler’s unique test center
    •    Extensive range of winches with hoisting forces of 10 kN to 57 kN