Milwaukee Cylinder Tie-Rod Cylinder Accessories

Clevis/Brackets/Pins/Rod Eyes

    •    Clevis/Brackets/Pins/Rod Eyes
    •    Linear Alignment Coupler
    •    AMLOK® Rod Clamp
    •    Flange Couplers & Weld Plates
    •    Light duty spherical rod & bracket accessories

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Clevis / Brackets / Pins / Rod Eyes

    •    Rod clevis and rod eyes are designed for use with the standard Milwaukee Cylinder Style No. 2 Rod End
    •    The spherical rod eye is used with Style 3 and 5 rod ends
    •    Pivot pins are furnished with clevis mounted cylinders as standard
    •    Pivot pins for 1½”- 6″ bore are furnished with cotter pins; pivot pins for 7″ thru 12″ bore are furnished with snap rings
    •    Pivot pins are not furnished as standard and must be ordered separately for use with accessories

Linear Alignment Coupler

     •    Reduces rod seal and bearing wear
    •    Prevents binding and erratic movement caused by misalignment
    •    Permits a greater tolerance between cylinder centerline and mating member
    •    Works equally well in “push” or “pull” applications

AMLOK Rod Clamp

    •    Provides power-off clamping of rods and shafts
    •    Clamps are actuated by a spring/collet mechanism and unclamped by hydraulic pressure
    •    Designed to clamp components after the motion has stopped and to hold the position securely as long as the forces do not exceed the table values