Hydro Leduc AS Spherical Accumulator

LEDUC spherical accumulators consist of two hemispherical shells which are screwed together and which hold a diaphragm This diaphragm has a metal stud which closes off the operation hole when the fluid is completely discharged. There is therefore no danger of damage to the diaphragm The gas side port is fitted with a charging valve allowing the pressure in the accumulator to be checked or changed.Separator:ƒ
    •    Standard, Nitrile: from -20°C to +100°C

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The diaphragm only changes position, the elastomer in fact works little. The LEDUC spherical accumulator owes most of its qualities to its diaphragm and metal pin:
    •    Excellent gas/fluid tightness,
    •    Possibility of total and rapid discharge,
    •    Can be adapted to suit a wide range of fluids hanged.
Operating Fluids
    •    Mineral-based hydraulic fluids: standard diaphragm.
    •    Corrosive or non-standard fluids: please consult our Customer Service Department.