Hydro Leduc ABVE Bladder Accumulator

Hydropneumatic accumulators
Bladder, diaphragm, and piston type accumulators, spherical and cylindrical models.
Capacities from 20cl to 50l, pressures up to 500 bar depending on models.
A full range of accessories is also available.
Welded cylindrical accumulators
Spherical accumulators AS
Bladder accumulators ABVE
Piston accumulators APL

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The ABVE bottle type accumulators consist of:
    •    a forged steel body,
    •    a bladder,
    •    a charging valve,
    •    an oil side orifice fitted with a poppet valve which prevents extrusion of the bladder, and an air bleed screw used during system start-up.
    •    Bladder accumulator component parts are interchangeable with those of major accumulators available.
Dimensions allow for easy installation and also use in batteries.