Hydac SBO Pulsation Dampers Accumulator

HYDAC hydraulic dampers are particularly suitable for damping such pressure fluctuations.
Selecting the most suitable hydraulic damper for each system ensures that
    •    vibrations caused by pipes, valves, couplings etc. are minimized and subsequent pipe and valve damage is prevented
    •    measuring instruments are protected and their performance is no longer impaired
    •    the noise level in hydraulic systems is reduced
    •    the performance of machine tools is improved
    •    interconnection of several pumps in one line is possible
    •    a pump rpm and feed pressure increase is possible
    •    the maintenance and servicing costs can be reduced
    •    the service life of the system is increased.

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    •    Welded or forged pressure vessel in carbon steel; available
with internal coating or in stainless steel for chemically aggressive
    •    Special fluid valve with inline connection, which guides the flow into the vessel (threaded or flange connection).