Hydac Permanent Gauging Blocks

The Hydac Permanent Gauging Block allows constant monitoring of gas pressure while a system is in operation. This helps users monitor pressure loss, and determine when charging is needed. They are designed to fit bladder, diaphragm, and piston style accumulators with Hydac Gas Valve Version 4. Use of these blocks facilitates trouble shooting and simplifies maintenance by eliminating the need to attach a charging and gauging unit to monitor pressure. Charging of the accumulator is accomplished by simply attaching a Hydac charging kit to the gas valve on top of the Permanent Gauging Block in exactly the same manner as attaching to an accumulator without the Permanent Gauging Block.

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Special Tools Required

  • Charging and Gauging Unit.
  • Gas Valve Core Tool.
  • 50 mm Open End Wrench (for bottom repairable accumulator).
  • 32 mm Open End Wrench (for top repairable accumulator).
  • Torque Wrench(es).