Hydac Custom Cylinders

HYDAC’s North America CYLINDER DIVISION, part of the global HYDAC Group, manufactures a broad range of custom engineered hydraulic cylinders and cylinder systems for mobile and industrial applications. 

Advanced manufacturing technology with capacity to handle: 

Bore diameters up to 26 inches 

Strokes up to 400 inches 

Pressure up to 6000 psi 

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High speed machining with cutting-edge machine tool technology 

• Manufacturing processes utilize computer aided manufacture control to ensure precision, quality and efficiency 

• Structural Welding 

• Welding standards that meet ASME BPVC Sect IX and AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Codes 

• Product assembly with strict contamination control 

• Static and dynamic functional pressure testing 

• PLC controlled hydraulic testing equipment for pressures up to 10,000 PSI 

• Paint coating system that includes surface pretreatment and high temperature curing 

• Standard paint is black primer and has excellent compatibility for customer finish requirements. In addition, special coatings and finishes can be applied to meet customer requirements to resist harsh environmental conditions