Fabco Global Series Pneumatic Cylinder

Tough, rigid, hard anodized aluminum extrusions house oversized hard chrome stainless steel piston rods for service to 10 bar (150 psi). Magnetic piston position sensing enables mid-stroke signaling and exact end-of-stroke sensing. Multiple dovetails each accommodate multiple switches without the need for switch mounting brackets.

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    •    10 bore sizes – 12 through 100 mm (1/2”- 4”).
    •    Strokes – 5 through 150 mm (.2” – 6”).
    •    3 Choices of ports – NPT, BSP Parallel, BSP Tapered.
    •    Choice of rod ends – female with wrench flats or male rod with wrench flats and jam nut.
    •    Metric or Inch rod tread and mounting.
    •    Actuation – double acting, single rod; double acting, double rod; non-rotating double acting, single rod or double rod; single acting, single rod – spring retract or spring extend.
    •    Magnetic piston models for position sensors including electronic sensors and reed switches
    •    10 mounting Accessories – including flange mounts (rod or cap end with ISO or Non-ISO pattern), rear clevis mount (rear clevis, rod clevis, rod eye), boss mount (rod or cap), and foot mounts.
    •    Unique, adjustable stroke models
    •    3-position and 4-position models.
    •    Bumpers and choice of seal materials.