ECBPM Schmalz Robot Mounted Vacuum Generator

Flexible application in lightweight robotics, human-robot collaboration (MRK environment) as well as in mobile robotics.
Simple and fast commissioning on lightweight robots thanks to intelligent software support.
Small dimensions and low weight for robots with payloads < 3kg.
Integration in vending machines with limited installation space.
Ideal for automated handling of small parts, e.g., bin-picking with a single suction gripper.
One bellows suction cup inclusive for a complete vacuum gripping system.

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  • Electrical vacuum generator in miniature construction
  • Mechanical connection via a flange adapter plate
  • Central electrical interface and simple control
  • Electrical connection via external cable routing or internal pin connection
  • Ideal for handling small workpieces with a single suction pad
  • Universal integration into any lightweight robot or cobot
  • Flexible use through simple and fast integration and commissioning (Plug & Work)
  • No compressed air tubing required at the robot