Deltrol Quick Exhaust Valves

Deltrol’s quick exhaust valves provide fast dumping of exhaust air
at the cylinder, eliminating the need for large selector valves
ordinarily required to accommodate exhaust air moving back
through the pneumatic system. Substantial front end savings and
better operating efficiency result from the use of smaller air system
components. In addition, smoother, faster cylinder operation
and wider application of air-powered motions are obtained.

The quick exhaust valve has been designed with smooth,
over-size internal passages which afford unrestricted flow and
prevent clogging due to contaminated air lines. The diaphragm
is also an exclusive Deltrol design, assuring instantaneous and
complete venting of exhaust air from cylinders, air presses and
other air operated equipment.

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• Instantaneous dumping of air allows use of smaller
valves and piping

• Increases system efficiency and speeds

• Cost effective solution