Aventics A-Series Tie-rod Cylinders

The A Series is an aluminum NFPA Interchangeable cylinder line that is designed and built to excel in the most demanding applications. The A Series encompasses many value-added features such as an extra long graphite filled cast iron rod bushing and a standard oversized wear band that is located on the rear of the piston. Additionally, the A Series includes the well-proven “T” piston seal configuration made from carboxylated nitrile with self-lubricating PTFE compound. These are just a sample of the features that make the A Series the superior NFPA Interchangeable air cylinder line.

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Tube – The tube is hard coat anodized. The hard coating is an electrochemical process, which produces a very dense surface of aluminum oxide. This surface has extreme hardness (60 Rc), excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and a low coefficient of friction.

End Caps – The end caps are accurately machined from (6061-T6) solid aluminum bar stock. They are anodized for corrosion resistance. Additionally, a recess on the piston-mating surface (at both ends) enables the air to work on a larger piston area for effortless breakaway.

Rod Bushing – The A Series includes a graphite filled, cast iron rod bushing that is extra long in length. Graphite filled offers the best bearing surface when using a hard chrome plated steel piston rod. Cast iron provides maximum resistance against wear. The added length adds superior alignment and support of the piston rod as well as provides maximum load bearing support.

Rod Seal The carboxylated nitrile with PTFE compound rod seal is self-lubricating and durable. The rounded lip design ensures proper sealing and long life.

Rod Wiper – The standard rod wiper construction is a highly durable polyurethane. 

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