AKG HCU,Series Hydraulic,Cool Line Conditioning Unit

AKG Cool-Line is a standard line of products from the market leader in high performance aluminum cooling systems. AKG is best known for its global presence, German engineering, and reliable product quality.The CooL-Line embraces an all-purpose complete cooling systems that is suited for rugged environmental operating conditions. AKG‘s HCU features a DC – or hydraulic-motor – driven fan with noise reduction options.All of AKG’s solutions have been developed with state-of-the-art technology, produced in compliance with the highest quality standards and are comprehensively tested.

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    •    Industry leading de-aeration technology in reservoir
    •    The coolers are equipped with non-louvered low fouling fins
    •    Heat rejection of 18-hp @ 80°F ETD
    •    Noise reduction 3M adhered foam
    •    Stainless steel / Aluminum construction with premium coating
    •    Vibration tested to military standards (MIL-STD 810)
    •    Sight level glass