Hydac HPT1000 CAN-based Sensors





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Need a cost effective pressure sensor, but out of I/O on your controller?  Equipment manufacturers often want to add a sensor to a vehicle but are limited by controller I/O and wiring harness complexity.



Hydac has a wide range of pressure, position and temperature CAN-based sensors. In this case, Hydac's HPT1000 series pressure transducer (available in CAN, Analog, and Smart versions - Functional Safety version upcoming) has been specifically developed for the OEM market for use in mobile applications with extremely small installation space. This new generation of cost-effective smart sensors is designed to generate relevant information in addition to the operation data. This ensures the support of dynamic, real-time optimized and self-organizing processes.





By installing new HPT1000 series the problem of no additional room on the I/O module was negated and the compact size of the transducer made for an easier installation on the truck.