Festo VYKA Precision Dispensing Valve Gantry

VYKA operates via pressure and time rather than by volume.

The VYKA is the company’s new precision dispensing valve. VYKA operates via pressure and time rather than by volume. Pressure and time-based dispensing improve accuracy as measured by low coefficient of variation (Cv). The VYKA offers equipment manufacturers and end users greater flexibility because dispensed volumes are infinitely variable and can be quickly changed.


  • 96-channel bulk-dispensing head
  • The 96-channel system increases throughout by dispensing reagents into 96/384 well microplates at high speed
  • Dispense volumes can range under 10ul to over 100ul, with an overall Cv under 5% in most cases

Gas Handling

  • VAEB Piezo-based proportional pressure regulator for precision flow and pressure control
  • VEMD Piezo-based cost-competitive mass flow controller

Sample Handling

  • EXCM planar surface gantry for moving vials in the x, y, and/or z axes

Automated vial and cap grippers

  • EHMD integrated rotary gripper used for capping and decapping
  • EHPS gripper with smart force control for handling  delicate vials

VAEB Proportional-Pressure Regulators

VEMD Proportional Flow Control Valve

EXCM Planar Surface Gantries

EHMD Rotary Gripper Modules

EHPS Electric Parallel Grippers

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