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Three Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders Available for Next Day Shipping


Series H - Heavy Duty Hydraulic
Tie Rod Cylinders
Features & Benefits

  • Steel Construction
  • 3000 PSI Hydraulic Service
  • 5000 PSI Non-Shock Service
  • Standard NFPA Mounting Styles
  • 1.5” through 12” Bores Cataloged
  • Larger Bores Available
Series H

Series LH - Low Pressure Hydraulic
Tie Rod Cylinders
Features & Benefits

  • Steel Construction
  • 750 To 1500 PSI Hydraulic Service
  • Standard NFPA Mounting Styles
  • 1.5” through 6” Bores Cataloged
  • Larger Bores Available
Series LH

Series A - Pneumatic Steel 
Tie Rod Cylinders
Features & Benefits

  • Steel Construction
  • 250 PSI Air Service
  • Standard NFPA Mounting Styles
  • 1.5” through 16” Bores Cataloged
  • Larger Bores Available
Series A

Cross Reference Tie-Rod Cylinders
Comparable Tie-Rod Cylinders by Cylinder Manufacturer Type


For immediate Request for Quote or order support call (832) 413-2309 or fill out rapid response form below. You may also inquire about our Custom Cylinder Solutions.


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Tie Rod Cylinders

Quick Ship Next Day Shipping

Next Day Service

  • Quantity up to 2
  • Bore diameter up to 4 in.
  • 1st and 2nd diameter up to 4 in.
  • All standard mounts (1,2)
  • All standard ports in standard locations
  • All rod end styles
  • Single and double rod end
  • Stroke up to 36 in.
  • Total rod length up to 48 in. (stroke + rod extension)
  • Expedite fee applies (contact IFP for a quote)

1 Check availability on 42, 43, 51, 73 & 74 mounts

2 Excludes welded couplings and H Series 21/22/31/32 heavy mounts (5" & 6" bore)

Need cylinder repairs?

Learn More
  • Factory Authorized Repair - We service all brands of fluid power components and are a factory authorized repair facility for many manufacturers.
  • Total System Approach - Our service technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of system repair.
  • In-House Machining - We can fabricate parts on demand to provide the quick turnaround times our customers need.
  • 100% Repair Testing - To ensure repaired components are operating at peak performance, your equipment is thoroughly tested before leaving our facility.
  • Rapid Response Service - We offer on-location service and can help you maintain a single machine or your entire plant hydraulics and pneumatics. If you require prompt service our team of specialists have the capabilities of providing additional support to get you up and running.

Total Engineering

Our engineering & design team has the expertise necessary to help solve MRO and OEM customer/prospect problems.

  • Rapid Response Design - Our engineers are able to provide quick turnaround and complete documentation including drawings and operating manuals.
  • Leading Technologies - We use technology as a tool for competitiveness. With a team of 25 engineers, our engineering group is capable of integrating all your equipment controls in time-saving efficiencies, versatility, and cost savings.
  • Versatility - We work professionally with OEM machine builders and users to solve fluid power solutions.


We are Oil & Gas Industry Solution Providers

oil and gas offshore rig  Oil & Gas land drilling operation

Offering fully automated wellhead controls and intelligent completions. Including:

  • oil and land drilling hydraulic cylinders
  • hydraulic control systems with high pressure (10,000 psi plus)
  • zero leak components.
  • stainless-steel controls 
  • HWBF-rated
  • solenoids and other explosion-proof components
  • meet hazardous location approvals

We can custom-design manifolds to control, distribute, and monitor the fluid flow and pressure used in your well control or fracking operation.

We also offer total engineering system design of fluid power components and electronic controls through our engineering group and manufacturing facility at EHA,

Whether your operation is located in the offshore Gulf region, or a land fracking operation or shale drilling site in Texas or throughout the Midwest - we are there to serve the oil & gas industry.


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