Service Trucks & Trailers

Service Trucks & Trailers

Service Trucks & Trailers
Service trucks and trailers help keep the U.S. economy moving. This broad industry includes trucks and trailers used for commercial and municipal purposes that rely on fluid power components to haul, lift, dump, dig, transport, maintain, and rescue. They are used extensively in industries such as utility, fire & rescue, logistics, construction, and sanitation. Mobile OEM machine builders manufacture equipment mounted on truck body chassis and trailers.

IFP plays an essential role in providing high quality, work-ready fluid power solutions for mobile OEMs and end users. The apparatus may have its own power source depending on the equipment. Otherwise, a power takeoff may tap into the transmission to drive a hydraulic pump or compressor. A truck-mounted crane, maintenance vehicle, or garbage truck are examples where hydraulics may become more integral to the machine. IFP fluid power components may include:

  • Hydraulic driven compressors
  • Pumps, motors & custom manifolds
  • Pressure compensated pumps
  • Hydraulic oil cooling systems
  • Hydraulic manifolds with check valves & pressure switches
  • Hydraulic controls for fuel & oil system pumps
  • Air compressors & air pumps
  • Gear boxes, brakes, winches, and wheel drives

Our engineering and manufacturing facility, we design and manufacture custom power units that withstand harsh conditions and keep crews safe on the job.

Our knowledge and experience with trailer manufacturers has resulted in IFP becoming one of the top fluid power suppliers for this market. We cover thirteen Midwest states with locations in Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Houston. We’re able to support service centers with fluid power replacement parts and OEMs with total engineering systems including sub-assemblies, outriggers, smart cylinders, valve banks, and more.

We offer new components for new designs at a savings.