Plastics & Rubber

Plastics & Rubber

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The Plastic Industry continues to expand with products used in various industries such as construction, infrastructural development, electrical & electronics, transport, automotive, medical, aviation, and apparel. IFP has proven success with fluid power optimization for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Extruders
  • Blow molding machines
  • Injection molding machines
  • Die casting machines
  • Rotational molding machines
  • Rubber & plastic presses

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Competition is tough. To be competitive, equipment and processes have to be accurate, efficient, and reliable on machines that may be working through many years of continuous, around-the-clock operation.

Plastic processing machines require accurate temperature control in heating and cooling processes, tight dimensional tolerances, and precision in filling complicated shapes in just a fraction of a second with precise pressure,velocity, and position control.

IFP is able to deliver the latest fluid power technologies for precision metering and responsive force control. As new applications continue to develop, we can provide high performance electro-hydraulic proportional and servo valves, variable frequency drives, and a variety of hydraulic pumps from our extensive line card.

Our engineering team can work with OEM machine builders to design and manufacture complete hydraulic systems or sub-assemblies. We can save labor and material costs, and reduce leakage by integrating entire hydraulic and pneumatic circuits in a custom manifold. We also offer
closed-loop position and pressure controls specially designed for hydraulic applications.

Older machines that have been in operation for decades may be considered for a cost-effective machine upgrade. At IFP/EHA we have the capabilities to make your machine better than the original with the latest fluid power components, controls, and engineering experience from our team of designers and service technicians.


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