Oil & Gas – Oil and Land Drilling Rigs

IFP is a fluid power distributor and manufacturer serving the oil and gas industry with the latest technologies to maximize productivity and reduce costs

Oil & Gas – Oil and Land Drilling Rigs

Oil and gas companies were developed in a time of resource scarcity. They built large and complex extraction facilities to get at those hard to find and difficult to develop resources. The Oil & Gas industry is entering a time of great change. By learning from the past, profitability today is determined, in part by doing more with less.

Companies that successfully automate their fluid power operations can significantly improve their bottom line. We can automate various parts of your drilling process to help you save money. We offer hydraulic control systems with high pressure (10,000 psi plus), zero leak components. Our stainless-steel controls are HWBF-rated with solenoids and other explosion-proof components that meet hazardous location approvals.

We stock Barksdale valves & regulators, gauges, and accumulators for manual or fully automated wellhead controls and intelligent completions. We can custom-design manifolds to control, distribute, and monitor the fluid flow and pressure used in your well control or fracking operation.

We design and manufacture custom power units that withstand the harsh conditions of this industry and help you select the right pump depending on the application and oil properties.

Our OEM customers have access to our engineers and supplier representatives to collaborate on your project. Our goal is to increase your productivity and minimize your maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.

IFP serves the heart of the U.S. Oil & Gas country by providing fluid power solutions to customers in thirteen states from Minnesota to Texas. We partner with many world-class manufacturers to provide the Oil & Gas industry with electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components.

Whether your operation is located in the offshore Gulf region, a fracking operation in the Dakotas, or shale drilling throughout the Midwest, we are there to serve you with locations in Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Cedar Rapids. We also offer total engineering system design of fluid power components and electronic controls through our engineering group and manufacturing facility at EHA, also located in Cedar Rapids, IA.

In fast-paced industries like oil and gas, the costs of equipment failure compound quickly. Our team can provide you with prompt, reliable service and excellent customer support to keep your fluid power systems operational not just today, but well into the future.