Operating with decades-old equipment in some cases becomes a significant challenge for the mining industry. We can help to modernize your equipment with the latest fluid power technologies to reduce your energy costs and be more efficient. For example, loading equipment equipped with precision-controlled proportional valves will yield a noticeable difference in your loading efficiencies. Also save time with radio remote controls and eliminate manual controls that bog you down. We also carry a full line of Enerpac products to make your day run smoother.

Since mining is a rugged business, on-location service and repair is important to keep machines up and running. When you’re down we offer rapid response service to your site. Need something 24/7 – contact us. We’re ready to deploy. We’ll also take an in-depth look at your system and offer equipment change solutions, especially those with chronic component failures.

Safety must be considered at every level in the mining industry. We offer many products that meet explosion-proof standards such as transducers, solenoid valves, motors, control valves, electric actuators, and pneumatic valves. We can also help extend equipment life and reduce downtime. Our fluid power products can be found in boring equipment, loaders & dozers, crushing & screening equipment, bulk material handling machines, and processing equipment. We serve both OEM machine builders and mining company end users and offer complete hydraulic packages for controlling loading equipment. The hydraulic components we sell and service provide dependable power, versatility, and energy efficiency.

Routinely replaced products we sell to the mining industry include: inline hydraulic filters, heat exchangers, valve tank enclosures, custom hose assemblies, reservoirs, valves, motors, filtration systems, winches, and power transmission components.

We have achieved a high level of success repairing hydraulic cylinders. We offer cylinder repair and engineered solutions for preventative maintenance at our service facility. If your rod cylinders continually break on older equipment it may be time for a custom manifold block to better manage your loads.