Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Flexible and agile – speed to market can make or break a consumer product. As a consumer products manufacturer dealing with supply-chain-related issues, the ability to provide high-quality products, perhaps in small lots, can be easily customized. Safety is also paramount.

IFP Group of Companies can help design and procure the systems needed to bring those new lines to fruition, from supply chain management and material handling to processing and packaging. IFP is a leading provider of Motion Control Solutions. They offer conventional fluid power component replacements such as accumulators, filters and filtration systems, sensors & switches, cylinders, pumps & motors, lubrication systems, connectors & fittings, to name a few. Featured suppliers for the Consumer Products Industry include:

Sun Hydraulics






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Custom Design Solutions
If the application requires electro-mechanical motion control precision to improve your production process IFP can provide industry 4.0 technology solutions to enhance product quality and yield while reducing cost, waste, and downtime.

We can take an application (look at sizing, cycles, acceleration, force, complete lifecycle considerations) and select the best products, using manufacturing partners to provide several options for any application.

Plant automation areas of expertise include:

  • Robotics and machine automation
  • End of arm tooling
  • Precision positioners and linear servo systems
  • System panel design & software
  • HMI, GUIs, PLC coding
  • Instrumentation and valves
  • Structural framing systems and machine guarding
  • Custom manifolds
  • Sorting equipment automation