Aerial Work Platforms and Cranes

Aerial Work Platforms and Cranes

Aerial Work Platforms & Cranes

Fluid power technology offers unmatched flexibility, control, safety, and power density for aerial work platform and crane system control. We provide lift equipment OEMs and end-users solutions that provide greater efficiencies and safety. Our mechanical, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic products are found in cranes and aerial platforms used at mobile sites on utility, construction, municipal, oil & gas, marine, mining, and railroad jobs as well as at manufacturing facilities.

IFP specializes in fluid power and electro-hydraulic components and systems. We serve the Midwest in a thirteen-state region as a product distributor, integrator, and manufacturer. We design and build custom manifolds, circuits and controls. Our service & repair facility specializes in cylinder repair and test equipment.

Aerial Work Platforms

As the U.S. economy continues to grow, so does the AWP market. The utility and construction markets require reliable fluid power components to safely elevate and lower workers who service utility lines and work on projects at other above ground sites.

We build manifolds that feature custom-designed integrated circuits. Together, our engineering team and sales engineers collaborate with your team to design hydraulic circuits tailored to your specific needs and design goals. We produce custom manifolds to reduce the size of the circuit and remove additional connections that can leak. Safety is always a priority. Our counterbalance valves securely hold cylinders in place. If the hydraulic power is lost, the cylinder will not drop.


On vertical construction projects—from two stories to 20 and beyond—cranes are essential pieces of equipment on the job-site. Knowing what type of technology is best suited for your equipment will benefit both your company and your customers.

We offer crane equipment OEMs cost-efficient technology such as displays and joysticks, telematics, cameras, sensors, controllers, and CAN bus systems configured to suit your needs. Visit our complete brands list.

Advances in equipment are changing the way operators work on a project. At IFP we offer traditional fluid power components and new technologies for the crane and aerial platform industry.