Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

IFP’s Involvement

  • Gold level Pascal Society donor

  • Program Sponsor to the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

  • Component Supplier

  • Sponsor of the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Electronics  Awards

Does the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge represent a good example of the fluid power industry?

  • Serves better as a model of idea development and inventive plan development to completion of a working product.

  • In the actual working environment most hydraulic applications are far greater in horsepower output.

  • The mobile Hydraulic supply chain designed to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers who can tolerate longer lead-times.

  • As a result IFP’s goal is to make your contact with the fluid power industry a productive and pleasant experience.

FPVC 2020 season

  • IFP is donating parts and personal resources as a component supplier to FPVC

  • Innovative use of Electronics Award – IFP is sponsoring a $500 award at each competition location for the best use of electronics on your vehicle.

In the past, many teams have fabricated their electronic controls using consumer-based products such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi controller. In IFP’world, electronics is an integral part of almost every high performing fluid power system. There is a whole industry of products we call

Mobile electronics are very different from Industrial PLCs and consumer-type products. IFP has selected a few of these products from some of our top brands, which we think might be useful on a project of this scope. We expect that teams may need some help implementing this hardware and software and are prepared to help at your request.