Cobots for Food and Beverage

Cobots for Food & Beverage Processing Efficiency

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Integrated Vision & Sensing Systems • Grippers, Cups & End Factors • Packaging & Material Handling • Engineering • Setup Support

Feature: Simple to use

  • No programming
  • Simple out-of-the-box deployment
  • Cobots are easily teachable

Feature: 7-axis design

  • 7 moving joints like a moving arm
  • Provides more maneuverability and flexibility
  • Performs mundane and routine tasks

Feature: Fast ROI

  • Fast, seamless integration into existing operations
  • Ideal solution for small or large batch jobs
  • Frees up staff to work on more value-added jobs and tasks

    Cobots are safe and help to minimize ergonometric-related injuries. No barriers, no cages, and no fencing required. They collaborate well with humans and meet ISO 102018-Safety Compliant requirements.

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