Custom Manifold Controls Hydraulic Cylinder for Dredge Equipment

This manifold was designed to control a hydraulic cylinder used in dredging equipment. IFP and the engineering department which is part of the IFP engaged in a breadboarding process about a year ago to prove the concept of functionality. The testing facility is equipped with some application-simulation capabilities. In addition We provide a variety of custom designed test stands including general purpose, pump, cylinder, impulse, burst, PVS, valve, and production.

This cylinder modulates a valve which in turn helps keep the dredge from plugging up.

Value proposition:

  • Corrosion-resistant: The manifold provides precise control of a cylinder submerged in water. The cylinder is fitted with corrosion resistant cartridge valves that are intended for use in corrosive environments. They are designed with external stainless-steel components or external zinc-nickel components.
  • Tight integration: Instead of having 8 different components hard plumbed together in a nema box our custom EHA manifold combines everything. This reduces hoses and tubing, leak points, and maintenance and labor costs.

Manifold Components:
Supplier Partners

  • Sun Hydraulics – Valves: Logic, Pilot Operated Relief, Counterbalance, Check, plus other proprietary valves
  • Hydac – Pressure Transducer
  • AW Lake – Sensor, Positive Displacement Flow Meter