Techman Robot

Techman Robot, a leading collaborative robot and vision technologies company, is dedicated to improving the world of work for businesses and their people through (robotic) technology applications. Their cobot product line is used in tasks such as machine tending, assembly, packaging, welding, painting, buffing, or palletizing with precision, enhancing quality and productivity in modern industrial settings.

Techman Robot provides cobots that fit a broad range of industries. They develop innovative with smart automation and advanced Industry 4.0 technologies that promote efficiency, safety, and harmony in many operations.

The TM Robot Series is a family of collaborative robotic arms with built-in robot vision systems.
Their cobots can support payloads ranging from regular to heavy loads. What sets Techman cobots apart from the industry-standard robot arms is their “Robot Vision.”

Techman Robot TM Series with vision


Industrial Models:

TM5-700 (Regular Payload)
TM5-900 (Regular Payload)
TH12/TM14 (Heavy Duty)

TM Robot’s high-performance mobile series utilizes an inbuilt vdc supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGV/MR in the market today. By utilizing the “TM Landmark,” the mobile robot can orientate itself within a 3D space, like an auto datum sequence, to multiple machine surfaces. This allows the TM-M robots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly. This solution is optimal for mobile stacking and machine tending applications.

Techman Robot Mobil Cobot

Mobile Models






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