DMIC (Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation) designs and manufacturers custom valves and components for hydraulic power, fluid control, and fluid handling applications. DMIC is ISO 9001:2015, Fire Safe and CRN certified. Products categories include:

  • Fluid Control Valves
  • Gauges & Isolators
  • SAE Port Flanges
  • Hydraulic Accessories
  • Power Unit Layout Systems – 3D Models
  • DMIC Barrel Pump
  • OEM, Custom & Private Label

DMIC products are ideal for these challenging applications:

  • High pressure
  • High and low viscosities
  • Highly volatile fluids
  • Flammable fluids
  • Subsea applications
  • Reactive binary fluid handling
  • Reactive chemicals
  • Acid or alkaline fluids
  • Fuel handling
  • Mixed gases and liquids