Delta Computer Systems

Delta Computer Systems manufacturers and supplies motion controllers for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control applications based on Delta’s proprietary RMCTools software with 1 to 32 axis with one software package.

Delta is committed to continue to use its motion control and industry standards expertise to your advantage by providing high-performance motion control products that you can use with the performance you need and connectivity to your PLC and transducers.

Motion Controllers

  • RMC70
  • RMC150
  • RMC200
  • RMC100

Legacy Products

  • MMC120:
  • Modicon Quantum
  • TMC 188/40:
  • Siemens Simatic 505
  • MMC188/4x
  • Modican 800 Series
  • VMC186/40:
  • VME Bus
  • MC186/40
  • Multibus 1
  • Quad/10:
  • Quad to MDT

Motion Software

  • RMC Tools
  • RMCLink .Net/ActiveX
  • RMCWin (RMC100 only)
  • Legacy software

RMC75: 1-2 axes
High performance for smaller applications

RMC150: 2-8 axes
Highly configurable for a wide variety of mid-size applications

RMC200: Up to 32 axes
Delta's newest and most capable controller for larger applications


  • Voltage-to-Current
  • Converters
  • Signal Converters
  • Cables and Connectors

Speciality Products

  • Step and Touch Instruments

Color Sensors

  • Legacy Products