Colder Products

CPC quick connect and disconnect solutions improve the functionality and design of your equipment and processes. Special features include precise hose barbs for superior grip, built-in shutoff valves for preventing spills, and easy-to-use, push-button thumb latches for quick connections and – when you want it - quick disconnections.

CPC couplings and fittings are ideal connectors for plastic tubing applications in multiple industries, including medical, biopharmaceutical, chemical handling, liquid cooling of electronics, industrial, printing and food processing. You can chose from thousands of standard product options and the ability to customize for your needs whether you’re looking for non-valved, dripless or sterile connections.

CPC is a Dover Company, founded in 1978 


Combine CPC quick disconnect couplings and fittings with our accessory products

Robust quick and easy connections from 1/8- up to 1-inch, even in non-sterile environments.

CPC offers a variety of solutions for getting fluids cleanly and safely dispensed from Bag-In-Box (BIB) and flexible packaging.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers rely on CPC for reliable sterile connect and sterile disconnect products

Easy-to-use single-use connectors from CPC maintain flow path sterility and media integrity.

CPC’s easy-to-use solutions feature automatic shutoff valves to stop water flow, preventing leaks and spills.

Chemical Handling 
CPC’s quick disconnects for chemical handling protect workers and the environment from hazardous leaks and spills.

Cold/Compression Therapy 
Medical device OEMs around the world choose CPC connectors that improve patient safety and prevent misconnections.

Custom Parts 
Our problem-solving team of engineers help you design and create the perfect solution for your needs.

DEF packagers and distributors rely on CPC’s DrumQuik® PRO system for transporting and dispensing their urea-based product.


Fittings, Luers & Blood Pressure Connectors 
With CPC fittings, luers and blood pressure connectors, you get the right fit, every time.

Food & Beverage 
With hundreds of options, many CPC quick disconnect couplings promote health, safety and ease of use on food equipment.

General Purpose 
Engineers around the world choose CPC couplings because they’re easy to use and they simply get the job done.

High Purity Couplings 
CPC’s rugged quick disconnect couplings and connectors made from high purity materials to transfer aggressive chemicals.

For portable hydration systems, rely on CPC to consistently deliver water cleanly, safely and without leaks or spills.

Quick connects and disconnects to improve the safety and simplicity of handling reagents and buffer solutions.

Industrial engineers around the world partner with CPC to improve the safety and serviceability of their systems.

CPC closed system dispensing solutions help reduce messes and slip-and-fall accidents, fumes and wasted chemical.

Liquid Cooling 
Specifically designed for liquid cooling of electronics, CPC’s highly reliable, drip-free connectors keep electronics safe.

Liquid Cooling of Electronics 
Ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections offered by CPC protect valuable electronics.

Medical CPC medical-grade quick disconnect couplings are suitable for use in a wide variety of medical applications.

CPC medical-grade quick disconnect couplings are suitable for use in a wide variety of medical applications.

Multiline Easily connect two, six or even ten separate flow paths with one coupling using CPC multiline connectors.

Prevent spillage, allow multiple disconnections and expedite servicing with NSF and food-grade quick disconnect couplings.

With CPC couplings, you can instantly make connections to flexible and rigid bulk packaging systems.

Patient Monitoring 
Fast. Simple. Recognized by health care providers around the world.


The connection between printing and precision. When companies are relying on pixel-perfect materials, manufacturers turn to CPC for connectors that turn ordinary printing into a science.