When to consider a customized engine cooling system solution

By Paul Martinez - Innovative Fluid Power South (IFPS); Texas & Louisiana

Selecting the right engine cooling system for a specific application can be a difficult process for an engineer. Some suppliers provide online tools to spec out a standard, off-the-shelf cooling unit or heat exchanger. However, a custom-made engine cooling system may make more sense and this is where a fluid power expert can help.

Whether your application is industrial or mobile, here are some factors to consider.

Modular Design speeds up field serviceability. In the high horsepower market with engines running at 1,500-5,000 hp, component damage can occur. Supplier, AKG Thermal Systems has the solution to get you up and running quickly. If one of the sections in their modular MCS Series cooler gets damaged in the field, you can remove it and replace it with just hand tools, avoiding the cost and time of replacing the entire cooling system. For more on this feature, check out this article:

Modular Design Eases Field Serviceability by SARA JENSEN,  DECEMBER 1, 2016, OEM/Off-Highway https://bit.ly/2yMnf8W.

Environment - Is it a mobile hydraulics application i.e. construction or agriculture, oil & gas, power generation or transportation? Is it used in rugged terrain? - or is it for a stationary industrial hydraulics application? What are you cooling? i.e. gear boxes, power units, motors, power packs, compressors etc. How will your cooling system be laid out in the most efficient manner?

Repair or Replace - What are you willing to pay to achieve the best possible system? What assurances do you have that your cooling system won’t cause further equipment complications – “the domino effect.” No matter how long these components last, it’s important to know how your product supplier will work with you when the time comes to repair or replace a unit. Yes, these components will eventually need replacing but in some cases, it’s faster and cheaper just to replace the heat exchanger or cooler rather than repair it.

Distributor sourcing - attributes to consider when choosing a distributor for your cooling system include.

  • A thorough knowledge of heat transfer
  • Continuous research and development
  • Leading edge innovation, and state-of-the-art production
  • A one-stop source for all your cooling needs.

    With our supplier-partner AKG Thermal Solutions, Innovative Fluid Power South is your assurance you can select the best cooler or heat exchanger for your application.

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