Dana is a world leader in highly-engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery.


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Brevini Motion Systems

Brevini brand products include fluid-power solutions such as axial piston, gear pumps and orbital motors; cetop, proportional, cartridge, and modular valves; hydraulic valves, joysticks and electronic modules; standard and customized mini hydraulic powerpacks; electronics including sensors and load cells; and hydraulic circuits for industrial and mobile applications.


Products consist of a mechanical transmission combined with hydraulic-electronic products providing innovative solutions

Dana provides a complete range of mechanical transmissions and hydraulic-electronic products to respond to countless needs in heavy industry.

Serves a variety of sectors within the Off-Highway market,

Dana systems manage power conveyance to machines, power work functions and drive industrial equipment through safe, integrated and smart solutions.

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Dana Brevini Recovery Winch