Hydac SFE Filter Strainer Elements

With the use of HYDAC’s Magnetic Suction Separators, suction line filtration is provided without starving the pump. They offer unique protection for pumps from all sizes of ferrous particles, some of which have the potential of destroying a pump in a single pass. Large ceramic magnets are spaced along the length of the separator. All hydraulic fluid entering the pump must move at low velocity through a powerful magnetic field. This field traps large quantities of micronic ferrous particles. The viscous properties of the fluid can cause some non-ferrous particles to adhere to the magnetically trapped particles.


The MSS series is available in sizes ranging from one to three inches. The chart below shows the part numbers, specifications, and dimensions of available models.The standard outer screen has adequate open area (0.079 inch diameter perforations) to eliminate the possibility of pump starvation. All models are also available with a pleated 20 mesh screen (850 μ) by adding SS20 to the model number. (Example MSS-1 SS20).All units have a removable outer screen that can be cleaned and re-used to extend service life and minimize pressure drop.