Hydac MFM High-Pressure Filters

Hydac high pressure filters encompass a pressure range of 3000-6000 psi, which makes them ideal for any industrial or high pressure mobile application. Durable ductile iron and steel housings offer high fatigue pressure ratings to withstand the most demanding applications. Our line includes customized filters such as the HF series that meets automotive standards and the MFM and HFM filters which offer a quick response bypass valve suitable for high pressure, cold start mobile applications.


    •    Efficient design of the MFM makes it an ideal low-cost solution.     •    High pressure filters are available in: simplex, duplex, top-ported, base-ported, manifold-mount, modular stacking, reverse-flow, and last-chance cartridge inline arrangements.     •    Higher pressure filters are available in stainless steel construction through our Process Filter division.