Hydac LF Filter Low Psi

Inline filter

  • Flow rates up to 500 l/min
  • Pressure levels up to 100 bar
  • Connections: G½ to G1½
  • Installation sizes: 30, 60, 110, 160, 240, 330, 660

• Non-welded housing design reduces
stress concentrations and prevents fatigue failure.


• Aluminum alloy is water tolerant -
anodization is not required for water based fluids (HWBF).


• Inlet & outlet port options
include NPT, BSPP and SAE straight thread O-ring boss to allow easy
installation with maximum flexibility.


• O-ring seals are used to provide
positive, reliable sealing. Choice of O-ring materials (nitrile rubber,
fluorocarbon elastomer, ethylene propylene rubber) provides compatibility with
petroleum oils, synthetic fluids, water-glycols, oil/water emulsions, and high
water based fluids.


• Screw-in bowl mounted below the
filter head requires minimal clearance to remove the element for replacement,
and contaminated fluid cannot be washed downstream when element is serviced.


• HYDAC differential Pressure
Indicators have no external dynamic seal. This results in a high system
reliability due to magnetic actuation, thus eliminating a potential leak point.


• A poppet-type bypass valve
(optional) is separate from the main flow path, in the filter head, to provide
positive sealing during normal operation and fast opening during cold starts
and flow surges.


• For special finishes and coatings
– consult HYDAC for minimum quantities, availability and pricing.