Freelin Wade Nylon Tubing

Nylon tubing (also referred to as polyamide) can withstand higher temperatures, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. When compared to other Nylon resins, Freelin-Wade's tubing allows for a lighter weight wall, greater flexibility and smaller bend radius. It is also more corrosion resistant than other types of Nylon tubing because of its resistance moisture absorption. It's heat and UV stabilization makes it resistant to stress-cracking, so it works well in sunny areas. It is chemical resistant which makes it a good choice in areas where exposure to certain chemicals is a possibility.


    •    Temperature Range    -60 ̊F to +200 ̊F    •    Vacuum Rating        To 28" Hg    •    Diameter Tolerance    <1/2"± .004”>1/2"± .005"    •    Hardness            78 Rockwell R    •    Tube Markings        FW Specifications    •    Working Pressure        4:1 Safety Factor    •    UV Stabilized        Yes    •    Resin Compliance    Meets UL94HBTesting Requirements    •    Suggested Fittings    Push-In, Compression    •    Strong, lightweight and flexible.    •    Dimensionally stable.    •    Heat and light stabilized.    •    Resistant to corrosion and stress-cracking.