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Excessive Programming Time and Cost - Developing customized machine-specific application software for mobile machines is time-consuming and expensive. It slows time-to-market, and costs can negatively impact machine pricing and competitiveness. Therefore, it limits an OEM's ability to add electrification features that would improve the machine.



Hydac Match (Machine Application Tool Chain - Hydac's Match Software Suite offers optimized and precisely matched tools for control development and maintenance.



To help reduce the time-to-market and development cost, Hydac has developed a tool to make programming machines easier - MATCH. By selecting components within the system, it automatically generates:

  • I/O configuration

  • Documentation

  • Service tool configuration

  • Functional Safety rated SIL2, PL d, AgPL d

  • Compatible with CODESYS and “C”

  • Error Management

  • Fail Operational