Sun Hydraulic's new Closed-Loop control made easy & affordable - learn more about the New CANPoint XMD configuration software

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The full capabilities of the Sun Hydraulics XMD mobile drivers are at your fingertips with the new CANpoint XMD Configuration Software, available as a free download from our website.  Now the world’s smallest, most powerful driver can be configured quickly and easily over CAN bus using a computer, our CANpoint software and an XMD CAN-to-USB hardware interface cable

The launch of this new software allows XMD-02 users to implement open-loop, closed-loop (PID) and hydraulic fan drive control using pre-programmed modes for our dual-output driver.

Real Time Plotting

Flexible input options

The XMD driver accommodates multiple input types, and CANpoint helps you make the most of them. Options include voltage, current, PWM, frequency, resistive and digital.

Output settings

CANpoint provides a simplified output menu for most common solutions and end-use cases with PWM frequency, output mode and ramp settings. Advanced functionality options provide more control for experienced users, including output current regulation PID settings and robust fault detection that includes user-defined fault status modes.