Oilgear & IFP Group of Companies - A WINNING combination. Oilgear products are now offered at our Innovative Fluid Power Locations.

Paul Martinez & Calvin Rivas
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Oilgear simply builds superior products that are made in America with a 95% on-time delivery rate. For over 60 years they have been building some of the most precise pumps on the market for industrial, oil & gas, and mobile (closed-loop open-loop) applications. They have expanded into our Innovative Fluid Power locations in Houston, Minneapolis, and Kansas City to serve as product distributors.  Oilgear continually offers new, innovative products; for example:

XD5 | More Power. Smaller Package.


XD5 presion pump by Oilgear

Extremely effective across numerous industrial applications that require quick response in extreme environments, the XD5 series of pumps offer lightning-fast control response on both low-viscosity fluids and standard hydraulic oil. Engineered to handle the most challenging environments, they have been designed to be a high-performance solution for demanding mobile applications.

Other product line leaders include the PVWJ and PVG variable displacement pump lines in various sizes in standard frames. Check out their online product filter to find the pump that meets your requirements. Oilgear also has a good line of radial piston pumps - their product depth is their true versatility and have proven excellent in low viscosity applications. For example, using a proportional servo valve with the LS PVWJ series pumps, users have seen control down to 0.5-1 psi in force control applications.

TB 05 thru 12 | Hydraulically-controlled pump for extreme pumping applications.

Oilgear Transfer Barrier Pumps

With a unique, patented design, the Transfer Barrier™ Pumping System gives you precision control when pumping high-pressure water, chemicals or slurries. Users have applied it to fracking, LNG, waterjet cutting and press control. It can do that—and a lot more.

The Oilgear Transfer Barrier Pumping System uses the flow of oil from a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to precisely control the motion of large pumping plungers. And based on the area ratios of the plungers, the Transfer Barrier either intensifies or reduces the output pressure.

The Transfer Barrier Pumping System is a top choice in various industries for a variety of reasons. But it’s best known for its long life, precision control, flexible packaging and placement, and reduced downtime. High pressure up to 200,000 psi has been seen in static applications.

To learn more about Oilgear’s products – pumps,  valves, accumulators, electronics, cylinders, services, applications and more visit Oilgear.com or check out the IFP Oilgear Supplier page.

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