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This week, team members from more than 20 Sun distributor partners completed our first-ever VIRTUAL Electro-Hydraulics Seminar. IFP Group of Companies sales territory sales territory managers were participants of this event which included XMD valve drivers, award-winning CANpoint configuration software, and Sun systems for electro-hydraulics pressure regulation and cylinder control.

As an authorized distributor IFP is experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified to help our customers and apply SUN products to their fluid power applications. We maintain a large local inventory for immediate shipment. We also provide onsite consultation, hydraulic system design and engineering, system assembly and integration, testing, and kitting

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The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST performs positioning and movement tasks up to 300 W, highly efficiently, dynamically, and precisely, point-to-point or by interpolation. And it can be easily commissioned in no time, via the Festo Automation Suite and the integrated auto-tuning function.


  • Very efficient for tasks with low power requirements up to 300 W
  • Ideal for positioning tasks, point-to-point and interpolating motion solutions 
  • Suitable for Ethernet-based bus systems and can be directly integrated into the system environments of many manufacturers
  • 50% more compact than the smallest CMMT-AS for ensuring optimal space-saving installations
  • Auto-tuning supports simple commissioning of rotary and linear movements, using mechanical systems from Festo and third-party suppliers
  • Standard safety functions are included
  • Optimized for use with stepper motors like the tried and tested EMMS-ST

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View plasma surface treatment application using
Festo’s Servo Drive CMMT-ST


A powerful storm system known as a Derecho occurred Monday afternoon over a large portion of east central Iowa. Cedar Rapids was hit particularly hard with sustained winds reaching 110 mph in some locations.

Our manufacturing and repair facility at EHA (Electro-Hydraulic Automation) had a portion of its roof torn off during the storm causing considerable rain and debris to enter the building.

A big thanks to all those employees (who were able) that came in on Tuesday to help with cleanup and parts & inventory reorg. We are getting back to normal but waiting for the rest of the city to "catch up" as utilities, fuel, and wide spread cleanup continues.

Thanks to all customers for your patience. We are now back online and able to support all our facilities.

EHA building damage


Cleanup Crew


Cleanup Crew2


About the Pascal Society

The Pascal Society is the annual giving society of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation—a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization dedicated to meeting the workforce development needs of the U.S. fluid power industry.

Named after Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, physicist, and inventor whose famous law describes fluid power’s force multiplier effect, the Pascal Society seeks to create a similar multiplier effect for the fluid power industry.

By combining the financial and volunteer contributions of many individuals into one concerted effort, The Pascal Society will develop the resources, tools, and people needed to tackle our difficult workforce development challenge.

Learn how the Pascal Society benefits those who have chosen a career path in the Fluid Power Industry.

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