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To expand our standard solutions, Sun has released nine new flow control rapid-advance-and-feed sandwich assemblies, rounding out an offering of ISO-03, -05, -07, and -08 sizes. This family of assemblies consists of a 2-way, 2-position solenoid directional control valve that allows full flow in the open position and diverts flow through a flow control valve in the closed position, allowing you to control the speed of your actuator. Assemblies use different flow control valves, ranging from a straight needle valve to adjustable pressure-compensated flow control valves.New rapid-advance-and-feed sandwich assemblies

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Why reinvent the wheel?

Sun's standard solutions are road tested, ready and expanding. With more than 700 ready-to-order solutions delivering 20 different control functions across multiple settings and flow rates, Sun can help you roll out your solutions faster by starting with ours. And because it's from Sun, you can count on high reliability and low cost of ownership.